The Automated Test System

makes testing process easy at any stage:
  • creating test cases
  • running test cases
  • understanding results.

What is the Automated Test System?

The Automated Test System is the online service that automates all your testing processes and consist of the following parts:
  • Google Chrome extension - running locally on your computer, used for recording use cases, saving data to the server and running test cases locally (usually before pushing your code to your version control server)
  • online dashboard - your control panel, running on our site, used for the creating and editing new test cases; setting up the schedule to run your test cases on our servers, viewing results
  • remote rest runner - this part is invisible to you and used for running your test cases to verify that your site works well (or bad).

The Automated Test System is the perfect solution for...

  • developers
  • professional testers
  • start-up founders

Why is the Automated Test System different?

  • You create test cases without coding
  • The resulting test cases are human-friendly
  • The tests can be run automatically and locally
  • The reports are clear and human-friendly

You need the Automated Test System if you...

  • want to be in the know about your code's state
  • want to avoid unexpected bugs and problems
  • don't want to lose your clients
  • don't want to spend time on learning new languages and frameworks just to create tests
  • don't want to spend your time rewriting tests
  • want to use easy, friendly, reliable testing system for any level of your proficiency!

How it works

Create use cases and record your activity using the Chrome extension
In Google Chrome, install our free extension, login and create a test case (right there).
During the recording just do what users usually do on your website and the extension will record all your activity (clicks, typing etc.).
Turn use cases into test cases setting up assertions, conditions, expectations
For every element on the web site add assertions. You may want to check if your link points to the specific URL, or if a button has a specific text etc.
Set up the schedule for running your tests
Using your Virtual Tester dashboard (on site), set up the schedule for your tests to be run automatically on our servers. The tests can be run manually, in the specific time, or after submitting your code to the repository. Tests can be also run on your computer, locally - from the Google Chrome extension.
Be notified as soon as tests fail and see full reports
Accordingly to the schedule, the Virtual Tester system will run your tests, check all the assertions, create a human-friendly report and notify you immediately. The report will have all the steps of your test cases with clear description what went wrong what allows you to find a problem in seconds.



  • Up to 100 test runs monthly
  • Unlimited amount of users, test cases, projects etc.
  • Videos of running tests

Over 100 runs in month

  • No restrictions on runs amount
  • You pay only for what you run
  • $15 per 1,000 runs


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